The fun way to
shoot your shot.
And get lucky.

Send and receive intros with anyone in the world. Share your universal identity profile to hangout, collaborate or get hired. Just enter their @identitytag

Attach a gift to your intros.
Leave an impression.

Sending intros is the norm.
We make it fun.

Take that bold step.
Make it count.

One central data bank

A central storage wallet for you to store all your personal and financial data privately and securely.

1-click sign up and KYC

Sign-up and share data with any app in a single tap. No more long forms and KYC processes.

1-click data update

1-click update is the future. Want to change your email? Change it on your data-wallet and it updates across all apps!

Verify customer data in seconds.
The smart way to grow.

Use Crivlar’s API to verify customer data across all identity and KYC platforms - mono,, approve, plaid and approve, all from one central data-bank. Verify your customer data more efficiently, pay less fees and grow your business.

The easiest way to collect identity and financial data of your customers for just about every use case.

A central data-bank

You get direct access to aggregated verified data of your users from all trusted sources - mono, banks, and much more.

Get data updates on users

Every time your user updates or makes changes to his/her data, you recieve the updates in real-time.

More benefits. Less fees.

We make it easier, not harder, for you by providing a combined data-log from all verified sources at a price that is lowest in the industry.

One more thing.
It doesn't works offline.

  • Onboard offline customers

  • Customers requires no internet

  • Works in seconds

A simple, yet powerful API that just works.

  • 1-click signup

  • 1-click KYC

  • 1-click Verification

  • 1-click Data-access

Effortless verification for your customers.

Hey there! We're working hard to get more businesses integrated to Crivlar as fast as we can. Right now, only a limited number of merchants can integrate with crivlar. Please fill in the form and we will make sure to reach out.

Join us and lets create some magic😉